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Tales of the Gun - Guns of Remington ()
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They have produced everything from ''women's'' derringers to the most coveted long-range rifles in the world. Starting with a small factory in upstate New York in 1816, the Remington Company has produced 35 million firearms over the years.

As one of the oldest companies in America--and the oldest gun manufacturer--Remington's history mirrors that of the nation itself. Their weapons helped tame the Western frontier, win wars in Europe and Asia and earn medals in Olympic shooting competitions. GUNS OF REMINGTON is an authoritative tour through the history of this renowned company. Examine the weapons that made Remington the choice of legendary figures like Buffalo Bill Cody, George Armstrong Custer, and Sgt. York. Company historians detail the innovations that have kept Remington at the forefront of the industry for nearly two centuries. And tour the factory to see how a Remington is made.

From the original weapons made by Eliphet Remington in the early 19th century to today, this is the definitive chronicle of the company that makes the guns which ''shoot where you aim.''

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