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Tales of the Gun - Guns of Colt ()
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From the .45 to the ''Peacemaker'' trace the history of the legendary guns that blasted their way into history.

Even people who have never held a gun in their life know the Colt name. Arguably the most important firearms manufacturer ever, the company founded by Samuel Colt put weapons in the hands of some of the most famous criminals and lawmen in history, changed the face of warfare and were instrumental in the settling of the American West.

From the first weapon Samuel ever built to the present day, GUNS OF COLT is the definitive chronicle of this storied company. From the revolving pistol to the M-16, Bat Masterson's "Peacemaker" to Billy the Kid's "Lightning", the guns produced by Colt Manufacturing have etched a place in history for their masterful combination of form and function. Through interviews with Kathleen Hoyt, the Colt company archivist, and Phil Spangenberger of Guns & Ammo, the Colt story comes to life.

You'll understand why lawmakers and outlaws alike once claimed, "God created men, and Samuel Colt made them equal."

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