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Tales of the Gun - Women and Guns ()
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From Annie Oakley to today, this is a surprising look at the history of firearms and the fairer sex.

Guns are a guy thing. At least that's the popular notion. But throughout history there have been countless exceptions to this unwritten rule. Some have been entertainers, some criminals and others soldiers, but WOMEN AND GUNS do go together. There's even evidence to suggest that women are better shots than men.

From Annie Oakley to today, TALES OF THE GUN takes a look at the legendary women who have blasted their names in history. Some were frontier figures who had to take up arms to survive. Some bucked tradition and even risked imprisonment, disguising themselves as men to protect their nation. And others have earned notoriety as outlaws.

With fascinating interviews, rare photos and period artifacts and accounts, WOMEN AND GUNS tells their stories.

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