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Tales of the Gun - Police Guns ()
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From tense standoffs to a tour of museums where old armaments are preserved, this is a fascinating look at the weapons used by the police.

They are the weapons used to preserve the law. For over 150 years, the latest and best guns have been tested by the nation's police, and some have become essential tools in the ongoing fight against crime.

TALES OF THE GUN visits with the boys in blue to see what guns they are using, why they have been selected and how they perform in real-life situations. We'll go on the road with Massachusetts State Police Troopers and hear about the times where they have had to rely on their weapons. We'll visit the New York Police Department Museum, where weapons from nearly two centuries ago share space with the latest creations of the world's great gunsmiths, and we'll see how different guns and new features have been favored by the law over the years. And we'll meet with the men who train the police in how to use "deadly force" in the safest and most effective manner possible.

From six-shooters to laser sights, this is a comprehensive look at POLICE GUNS.

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