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Tales of the Gun - Sharpshooters and Long Range ()
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Take aim at the reputations of some of the American frontier's most storied icons.

  • See how today's most accurate shooters compare to icons like Wild Bill Hickok and Annie Oakley.
  • Examine the exploits of frontier legends with an unvarnished eye.
  • Modern master recreate legendary feats from an earlier era.

Wild Bill Hickok. John Wesley Hardin. Buffalo Bill. Doc Carver. Annie Oakley. Some of these skillful shots used their talents to survive in a hostile and lawless American West. Others honed their abilities onstage to make a living performing for audiences. But it turns out their legends might be the least accurate thing about these shooters.

So famous are these historic gunslingers, it's hard to separate the truth from the myth...until now. SHARP SHOOTERS stacks up some of today's greatest shots against the legendary feats of the past. Our three "deadeyes" recreate storied gun-slinging achievements while casting a skeptical eye at sensational stories culled from newspaper accounts and pulp fiction novels. In the process, they might just blow a hole in some of those treasured old legends. So keep your eye on the target, because you won't believe your eyes.

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