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Tales of the Gun - Automatic Pistols ()
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Trace the development of the controversial weapons at the heart of today?s debate over gun control.

One hundred years ago, they didn?t exist. Today, they are fixtures in war, the fight against crime and the weapons of choice for terrorists and criminals. The automatic pistol combines extraordinary firepower and reliability in a weapon that can be easily concealed.

AUTOMATIC PISTOLS tells the story of the weapons that are at the heart of the charged debate over gun control in America today. See some of the finest gun collections in the world, with examples of everything from the very first, awkward model?the Borchardt?to the sleek modern weapons made by Berreta and Glock. Trace their development over the years and learn the stories of the innovators who transformed the ?six-shooter? into the familiar weapons of today. And get a look at the new ?smart guns? that can only be fired when held by their owners.

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