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Tales of the Gun - Super Guns of Today and Tomorrow ()
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It seems ironic, but could advances in gun technology make the world a safer place?

It is a multi-billion dollar business that is increasingly under siege. Their products are designed to kill, and there can be little doubting their effectiveness. But is it possible that advances in gun technology will make the world a safer place?

SUPER GUNS OF TODAY AND TOMORROW goes into the labs of top weapons manufacturers to see how new technologies are transforming the industry. From trigger locks to chips that disable the weapon unless its registered owner handles it, gun companies are taking their responsibility to protect the public seriously. But there are those who say that this newfound concern with safety is just the newest face put on by an industry determined to protect its profit. Here, experts, critics and insiders present all the sides of the debate, and we'll get an up-close look at the latest developments in weapons technology.

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