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Tales of the Gun - Naval Guns ()
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Get up close with some of the largest guns ever made--the massive weapons that give meaning to the concept of "sea power."

They are among the largest weapons ever made. They can fire projectiles weighing thousands of pounds beyond the horizon with deadly accuracy. In many ways, they are the ultimate evolution of the firearm.

NAVAL GUNS takes to the high seas with the massive ships and powerful weapons that give meaning to the term "sea power." From the days of ships-of-the-line and broadsides to the computer-controlled weaponry of modern battleships, this is a fascinating tour through the history of these sea-borne guns. We'll relive some of the epic battles in history and get an up-close view of the weapons that won--and lost--them. Military scholars trace the developments that transformed naval guns over the ages, and visits to modern warships provide a remarkable, up-close view of how they work.

From sail to steam to steel, warships of the world came to exist for one purpose--to face the enemy with guns at sea.

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