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Tales of the Gun - Guns of the Russian Military ()
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The curator of the St. Petersburg Artillery Museum leads a private tour through its extensive collection.

Forged in the shadow of modern Europe, Russian small arms were once dismissed as crude copies. But though they lack the finish and refinement of their western counterparts, the weapons designed and produced in the former Soviet Union have proved their worth in numerous battles throughout the world.

TALES OF THE GUN visits the factories where these weapons were forged in the heat of the Cold War, chronicling their design, development and deployment. In world-famous collections, including the Artillery Museum in St. Petersburg, where curator Alexander Kulinski leads us on an exclusive tour, we'll see the most important examples of Russian and Soviet weaponry. From one-of-a-kind guns produced during the reign of Peter the Great to the robust, simple sidearms that have become some of the most influential weapons in history, this is the definitive look at the GUNS OF THE RUSSIAN MILITARY.

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