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Tales of the Gun - Guns of Isreal ()
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Combat footage highlights this look at the weapons deployed by the Jewish state.

It is a small nation in an unforgiving land, surrounded by enemies. It fought three large-scale wars in the years between 1950 and 1980, and countless smaller engagements during and since that time. Not surprisingly, Israeli experts have designed and developed some extremely effective weapons to help in their seemingly never-ending battle to defend their homeland.

TALES OF THE GUN puts these firearms in the crosshairs, telling the stories behind such well-known weapons as the Uzi submachine gun, which set the standard for some 50 years. Battlefield footage shows the Galil assault rifle in action. Designed to perform in the harsh desert environment, it has repeatedly proven its worth. And we'll see a prime example of the latest generation of Israeli weaponry, the Tavor 21, a lightweight, 21st century assault rifle.

No nation has had to fight as frequently, and as a result, the GUNS OF ISRAEL are combat proven many times over.

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