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Tales of the Gun - Guns of the Mauser ()
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Here is the story of the single most important military shoulder arm in history.

The name may not be as familiar as Colt or Remington. But to gun enthusiasts, Mauser is every bit as important as the more famous manufacturers; this German company produced the single most important shoulder arm in military history.

The Mauser bolt-action rifle was perfected in 1898. Eventually, 100 million would be made--enough to circle the globe 2 and a half times! GUNS OF THE MAUSER recounts how Paul and Wilhelm Mauser began developing weapons in the 1860s. By 1871, their revolutionary bolt-action, metallic cartridge rifle was adopted by the Prussian Army. For the next several decades, they refined the design--and built their company into a success. TALES OF THE GUN uses company documents, the testimony of arms experts and extensive footage to tell the Mauser story. See how their rifle was adopted by gun-makers and armies the world over, and learn the story behind the equally famous ""broom handle"" pistol, which Winston Churchill claimed saved his life.

Twice forced to abandon gun production, Mauser has survived to the present day in its original home, and is now poised for success in a new millennium.

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