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Tales of the Gun - Infamous Guns ()
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From the six-shooters of the Old West's outlaws to the weapons used by assassins, this is a dramatic look at the guns that changed history.

There are guns that have earned a place in history for their innovations--breakthrough weapons that advanced the science of firearms. There are others, however, that secured fame through their use--the guns that have killed presidents, started wars and starred in legendary showdowns in frontier towns.

INFAMOUS GUNS is a dramatic look at the guns that fired bullets that changed the course of history. Explore the stories of the weapons used by the gunmen who killed Kennedy, Lincoln, McKinley and Garfield. Discover which guns started wars, killing the Archduke Ferdinand and firing \"the shot heard \'round the world.\" James Nottage, curator of the Autrey Museum of Western Heritage, shows off significant weapons from the Old West, while collectors and scholars talk of the appeal and allure of the individual guns that are most prized by aficionados.

It\'s a fascinating profile of the INFAMOUS GUNS that blasted their way into history.

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