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Tales of the Gun - Bullets and Ammo ()
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Here is the story of the most important moving parts in the history of firearms.

Without ammunition, the most powerful weapons in the world are little more than glorified paperweights or inelegant clubs. Yet the development of different bullets and ammo has often been overshadowed by the stories behind names like Colt, Remington and Kalashnikov.

BULLETS AND AMMO goes inside the barrel for a fascinating look at the history of these deadly projectiles. Trace the evolution of ammunition from the earliest hand-cast lead shots to the specialized bullets of today, like "tumblers," "dum-dums" and centerfire cartridges. Head out to the firing range for a fascinating look at exactly how these specialized rounds perform, and journey back in time as we chronicle the pivotal breakthroughs and new technologies that have made guns deadlier, more efficient and more reliable.

In the end, a gun is only as good as the round it fires.

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