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Tales of the Gun - Gangster Guns ()
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Tales of Bonnie & Clyde and the Brady Gang highlight this profile of the weapons that blasted their way into American folklore.

The rise of the American gangster coincided with the proliferation of new weapons that put far more power into the hands of the bad guys - and the law enforcement officers charged with stopping them - than ever before.

GANGSTER GUNS looks at the hardware that blasted its way into history and the folklore that surrounds the gangsters and outlaws of the 1920s and '30s. See how the rise of the gangsters influenced the development of portable ballistics and forced the police to change their tactics and strategies. Discover some of the surprising tidbits from this era, including how the sawed-off shotgun was invented and who was the first to wear a bulletproof vest. And get an up-close look at the tommy guns, Gatling guns and other legendary weapons.

GANGSTER GUNS is an explosive look at the weapons and criminals that blasted their way to a unique place in American history.

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