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Tales of the Gun - The Shotgun ()
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From its high-class origins to its many uses today, here is the complete history of this ubiquitous weapon.

After the handgun, it is perhaps the most familiar of all weapons. Large, powerful and able to cover a wide area with a single pull of the trigger, shotguns have an allure - and a danger - all their own.

TALES OF THE GUN sets its sights on this ubiquitous firearm, documenting its origins, tracing its development and showcasing extraordinary examples of the gunsmiths' art.

The world's first specialized weapon, it was originally used by the British upper class to shoot birds and small game for sport. It is still a favorite of hunters, but SHOTGUNS shows how its role has expanded dramatically in the centuries since it made its debut.

Filled with interviews with gunmakers, collectors and historians, this is the definitive profile of one of the world's most familiar weapons.

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