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Tales of the Gun - The Making of a Gun ()
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Go inside the Beretta factory for an up-close look at how guns are made.

It is forged from the most basic materials, yet it can last hundreds of years. It has few moving parts, but its design requires complex engineering. And its manufacturing process is among the most refined in the world.

In the centuries since the gun was invented, hundreds of innovators, engineers and inventors have brought their vision to its manufacture. As a result, this simple tool has become among the most perfectly produced items made.

THE MAKING OF A GUN chronicles the long history of firearm design and construction from the first, primitive weapons to today's computer-controlled, high-tech factories.

Hear from people like Tom Valdrose, production manager of Beretta USA, and Roberto Rodriguez, executive director of the American Precision Museum. See rare examples of groundbreaking weapons, and get a behind-the-scenes look at how today's guns are made.

From forge to finished, this is a comprehensive look at how guns are made.

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